What is E-Glass?

E-Glass stands for Electric Glass and is often known under the names smart glass or switchable glass. The surname(s) electric, smart, and/or switchable refer to the fact that when voltage is applied to the glass, it switches from glazed to transparent and can be set to any opacity level in between to help block out the sun or to only let a little bit of light in. E-Glass can be made into just about any size you need and can be used in many different applications.

What are the benefits of E-Glass?

Energy savings. With such a low voltage output, the addition of E-Glass in your home becomes even better by only adding a few dollars to your monthly electric bill. Adding E-glass can also help save money on heating and cooling costs and is a great alternative to motorized light screens, blinds and/or curtains.

Attention getting (Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Tech Conventions). E-Glass can be a great way to advertise your business out of your store front and/or promote your business at a trade show or business convention. Use E-Glass as an advertising sign for your club or bar to promote your nightly happenings at your business and attract more customers. Put a pane of E-Glass on the side of a business vehicle to get the name out there while driving to a business meeting.

Privacy. E-Glass is naturally frosted when the power is not on to give you the privacy you require for those private board meetings or those private 1 on 1 meetings in your office. When you’re done, simply turn on the power and the glass switches back to clear so you can see what’s happening outside the building or outside your office.

UV protection (99% when frosted). The sun can do permanent damage to people and priceless items such as items in a museum. With the 99% UV protection given by this glass (when frosted) you can protect yourself from the harmful sun when in your office, or protect your priceless paintings in a museum from getting faded by the sun. All of this UV protection is given by the glass but only when the power to the glass is turned off.

Rear projection displays (when frosted). Rear Projection Displays can add life to any window, door, or storefront. Using a thin film that adheres to one side of the window, we make it so that a plain window, door, or storefront can become an animated work of art that advertises your company to it’s fullest potential.

Holographic displays (when clear). E-glass can turn your normal projector into a holographic rear projector by simply projecting your image onto the back of the glass, and it will display on the front of the glass or the “viewing side.”

What can I use E-Glass for?

E-Glass can be used in many different applications ranging from restaurants to medical purposes and everything in between including business store fronts, industrial, commercial, even retail. With all these uses, it’s hard not to want E-Glass in your business but we found a way to make it irresistable! Professional Window Installation Incorporated can turn your plain store front glass or pre existing glass pane into an E-Glass pane. E-Glass can also be installed with a basic “instant on instant off” switch or can be set to a timer so you can decide when to have it on or off. Professional Window Installation Incorporated can also install your E-Glass into your building automation system so that you can save the most money possible when operating your E-Glass, making E-Glass an even smarter choice for all builders and business owners. Call us today and speak with a sales member to find out about turning your ideas into reality or buying E-Glass that is ready to ship to you.

What are the Tech Specs of E-Glass?

Electric Glass Tech Specs

  • Maximum Width – 39″
  • Maximum Length – 144″
  • Switching time – APROX 1ms
  • Custom Sizes avalible

Electric Glass Options

  • Can be used with glass or polycarbonate panels
  • No maximum thickness
  • Minimum thickness required (glass) 5/16″
  • minimum thickness required (Polycarbonate) 1/16″

Electric Glass Power Requirements

  • Power required – 120V AC /60Hz
  • Energy Consumption –
  • Frosted – 0 watts
  • Clear – 3-5 Watts per Sq Meter