Storefront Glass

Rear Projection Film

  1. Definition

    Definition rear projection film comes in many sizes, shapes and designs and can be made custom for you to meet your needs. Professional Window Installation Incorporated can apply the definition rear projection film to any glass or acrylic surface. Definition rear projection film can be made in large sizes seamlessly up to 122″ 16:9 and 100″ 4:3, providing builders and business owners with a large variety of sizes and aspect ratios to choose from. We can also tile your definition rear projection film to make even larger displays, there is no limit to the size potential. Professional Window Installation Incorporated can cut your definition rear projection film into just about any size or shape you desire, you can even make your own shapes and designs. Definition rear projection film will always function properly and will always apply normally to glass or acrylic, even with the most intricate and detailed designs. You will always get the best bang for your buck with definition rear projection film because it always displays the brightest, boldest, and richest colors even in an unrestricted lighting environment.

  2. Accent

    Accent adhesive rear projection film can not only be counted on to work perfectly every time, but can be used to display ultra bright images in any type of environment. Accent rear projection film can be used outside, directly in the sunlight and does not require a specific projection angle to operate. With it’s amazing high definition quality and large (up to 122″ 16:9) sizes available to you, the possibilities are endless. You can make your displays even larger with the ability to be tiled so you can display your images or videos with no problems and your viewers will be amazed at how good it looks. Accent rear projection film can make a low lumen projector look great and will even accept ultra bright projectors without giving you the hassle of hot spots or loss of viewing angles. If you are looking to create an amazing looking high contrast display, you can pair your accent projection film with acrylic or tinted glass. The sky is the limit when you buy accent rear projection film. Call today and get yours!

  3. Intrigue

    Intrigue projection film is a colorless or transparent material that is easily applied to any glass or acrylic surface and when projected on, gives the appearance of being holographic or floating to any text or video. With it’s wide viewing angles, amazingly bright images and the ability to use store bought projectors, intrigue rear projection film gives you the freedom you need to project with no specific projection angle while still maintaining it’s high quality standard. Intrigue rear projection film also provides you with total flexibility by offering seamless sizes up to 122″ at a 16:9 aspect ratio so you can create the display of your dreams with tomorrow’s technology, today. Intrigue projection film is used by such retail giants as De Beers Jewelry Stores and Microsoft Stores to create an award winning video on glass display that is sure to attract new customers, and maybe even attract former customers into returning their business to you.

  4. Anti-glare

    Anti-glare film is almost an essential add-on to any business owner or builder who is adding a plasma or LCD display to their storefront or outside facing window. Glare and reflection issues are the biggest problem when it comes to windows, anti-glare film can remedy this problem. When you put a display facing outisde without anti-glare film, you risk losing potential customers who could have seen that advertisement when passing by to the glare from the sun or an inconveniently placed street light. When added to an entire storefront or window, anti-glare film makes it so that anyone who is in view of that window display, can see it without having to squint or cover their eyes. Builders and business owners can also add anti-glare film to certain hotspots in their storefront or window where certain advertisements or graphics or located so you can show your work off to everyone without the fear that they wont see it because of the suns harmful glare.

Add video to glass with adhesive rear projection film

Rear projection film is a projection screen material that is specially made to be paper thin for all your video on glass applications. Rear projection film can be best described as a window tinting type of material that comes with a water activated adhesive that can transform your plain storefront or window into an animated digital display or an animated advertisement for your business. Rear projection or “video on glass” film is offered in many colors, with each color having it’s own unique flare and performance benefits. A dark or “Definition” film is specifically made to add contrast and depth to your media while a white or “Accent” film is made to handle almost any media presented with it. Add interactive features to your video on glass display by adding touch screen film that goes in front of your projection film. This process can take your storefront or window from plain, to wow with projection film, to amazing with projection film and touchscreen film, making your video on glass display completely interactive. Touchscreen film is available in sizes all the way up to 116″ widescreen, so the potential to transform your storefront or window is virtually limitless!