Touchscreen Glass

Video on glass with interactive touch screen features

Rear projection film is a projection screen material that is specially made to be paper thin for all your video on glass applications. Rear projection film can be best described as a window tinting type of material that comes with a water activated adhesive that can transform your plain storefront or window into an animated digital display or an animated advertisement for your business. Rear projection or “video on glass” film is offered in many colors, with each color having it’s own unique flare and performance benefits. A dark or “Definition” film is specifically made to add contrast and depth to your media while a white or “Accent” film is made to handle almost any media presented with it. Add interactive features to your video on glass display by adding touch screen film that goes in front of your projection film. This process can take your storefront or window from plain, to wow with projection film, to amazing with projection film and touchscreen film, making your video on glass display completely interactive. Touchscreen film is available in sizes all the way up to 116″ widescreen, so the potential to transform your storefront or window is virtually limitless!

Touch screen options for storefront glass

Add Infrared IR Bezels for use with Rear Projection Films

Within a matter of a few easy minutes you can convert your existing LCD Flat Panel TV into an IR Interactive Touch Screen with the use of an Infrared IR Bezel. All you have to do is place the bezel directly on top of your rear projection film or “video on glass” to make your display completely interactive.

Thru Glass Touch Screens for use with Rear Projection Films

Professional Window Installation Incorporated offers interactive foils to dealers and integrators at wholesale prices, along with information and technical support. We offer this interactive foil in sizes from 30″ to 116″ and can be attached to any non-metallic surface. Interactive foils are easy to integrate with an existing video on glass display, these touch screens are offered in a wide range of technologies such as rear projection, LCD, tabletop, thru glass, and even kiosks. Given the flexibility of the products we offer, touch screen technology possibilities are only limited to what you can dream up. Call us today to bring your thru glass touch screen dreams to reality.

USB Touch Screen Film Product features

  • Lightweight film technology is easy to install on just about any window or glass and can be installed on already existing rear projection film screens and other non-metallic surfaces. If you’re in need of help, just give us a call and we’re always glad to help you.
  • No need to have any external cords, wires or devices because everything fits behind the glass.
  • Even show off your touch screen interaction with gloves on because USB touch screen film is not hindered by external lighting. Even use the touchscreen glass if any liquids get onto the touch screen surface.
  • Range of sizes available all the way up to a 93″ with a 4:3 aspect ratio or 116″ with a 16:9 aspect ratio formats.
  • Able to be used with all multimedia applications such as Internet, E-Mail, Flash, Java, even download and view PDF files.
  • Easy to install, just evenly place the USB touch screen film between the glass and your rear projection film. Then use your projector from the back of the glass and it will show on the front of the glass.
  • No aperture required for USB touch film positioning
  • Glass touch screen will work on curved surfaces , but the touch screen interaction will work in only one direction. (Curved surface usage not ideal for touch screen film.)